Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility

For Multibank, Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility is a permanent commitment. That is why we are signatories and active participants of the United Nations Global Pact and of its local chapter, the Panama Global Pact Network, since 2003. In addition, through the Alberto and Pamela Btesh Foundation, established in 1996, we have committed ourselves to improve the quality of life of children, youth and the elderly at the national level.

As signatories of the Multibank Global Pact, we are committed to comply with its ten principles, which are based on Universal Declarations and Conventions applied to these four areas: Human Rights, Environment, Labor Standards and Anti-corruption. We ensure abidance by them through our policies and activities and in the Annual Report sent to the Global Pact Network we report our actions and progress in the adequate implementation of the 10 principles.

Human Rights:

  • Principle 1: companies must support and respect universally recognized fundamental human rights within their sphere of influence.
  • Principle 2: companies must ensure that they are not accomplices in the vulnerability of human rights.

Labor Standards:

  • Principle 3: companies must support freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • Principle 4: companies must support the elimination of every type of forced labor or carried out under coercion.
  • Principle 5: companies must support the eradication of child labor.
  • Principle 6: companies must support the abolishment of discriminatory practices on the job or occupation.


  • Principle 7: companies must maintain a preventive approach that may favor the environment.
  • Principle 8: companies must develop initiatives that may promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • Principle 9: companies must favor the development and dissemination of environment-friendly technologies.


  • Principle 10: companies must work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
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