Alberto and Pamela Btesh Foundation

Fundación Alberto BteshAlberto and Pamela Btesh Foundation Improvement of the quality of life of children, youth and the elderly is a permanent commitment of our Group. Therefore, in 1996, we created the Alberto and Pamela Btesh Foundation which makes a large number of donations throughout the national territory. 

In 2005, we inaugurated the “Pamela Btesh” public diner, located in one of the most densely populated and poverty stricken districts: San Miguelito.  There, food is served daily to whoever may need it.

To encourage and reward dedicated and hard studying youth, computer equipment was donated to distinguished students in 30 public schools.

Another important work enthusiastically carried out by the Alberto and Pamela Btesh is “El Mirador” located at Amador, which has become a preferred site of Panamanian families and fishworkers. 

With our “Pamela and Alberto Btesh” self-sustainable farm, in alliance with the “Patronato de Nutrición Nacional”, we have joined efforts to reduce the high indexes of malnutrition in rural areas of extreme poverty.   Our delivery of fruit baskets to various nonprofit institutions benefits over four thousand persons daily.

We have continued to support the Entrepreneur-Godfather Program which is coordinated through the Ministry of the Youth, Woman, Children and the Family whose fundamental purpose is to provide jobs to very needy youth so that they may continue studying and thus have a better future.

Currently, there are 8 young men from this program working in our institution.  Over 50 institutions are part of our support program; among them: Aldeas S.O.S.; Casa Esperanza; Casa Hogar Piedad; Ciudad del Niño; Club Rotario; Remar; Hogar Bolívar; Industrias de Buena Voluntad; Nutre Hogar; Teen Challenge; Oasis de Paz and others. 

We wish to thank the unconditional support given us by friendly businesses that continuously donated clothes, shoes, toys, household goods, supplies, etc., to make a reality of the dream of thousands of boys, girls and adults.