Group Companies


Multibank was born in 1990, as the best option to face the financial needs which Panamanian businessmen were confronting in those difficult times. Ever since its establishment Multibank has been a pioneer company, versatile in its continuous growth, permanently providing a personalized and professional service.  We have all the products and services for the market’s needs.  We are a Bank for Everyone.


Multisecurities formally begun May 18 2004 providing competitive financial counseling and a wide range of products and services for each of your needs under the strictest ethical and confidentiality parameters.

Our commitment is to offer new investment opportunities and alternatives in the financial markets in order to satisfy the needs of our clients, creating thus a high level of trust and credibility beyond all expectations.

We make available to our clients, whether institutional or individual, a wide variety of products and services from the local as well as international market, which we access through the most prestigious securities firms at the world level.


Multibank Insurance, a subsidiary of Multibank, Inc., was founded with the vision of providing insurance solutions to bank customers, maximizing synergies and leveraging the extensive branch network and financial strength of the group.

Opens its doors to the market in January 2011, venturing into the products of Auto, Fire, and Life Insurances.


Multi Trust, Inc.,subsidiary of Grupo Multibank, Inc., constituted on August 1, 2006, is a tool that will help you: manage and plan the future of your assets efficiently and confidentially, simplify the management and organization of assets providing protection to your assets in an orderly, timely and professional manner, and will help the distribution of your funds to beneficiaries.


Multi Leasing Financiero, S.A., arises from the need of the current portfolio of clients in the areas of commercial and corporate banking. Multibank looking to strengthen its position in the Bank's activities have bet on strengthening lines of business with this new product.

The financial leasing is a contract between the temporary use of property, where the landlord and the tenant Multileasing is the client.

The monthly amount to the fixed assets cost plus interest and costs a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years.

Among its features is to facilitate small and medium entrepreneurs to acquire productive assets without affecting the rate of borrowing applicant. Among assets offered under this figure are commercial vehicles, special and heavy equipment, medical equipment, furniture and office equipment.

Multibank Colombia

Is a Bank secure by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia, with the support of Multibank Inc., an entity with International recognition with presence in Panama, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia.

An efficient bank that provides a personalized and agile service. A bank that supports the development of Colombia supporting its initiatives.

Gran Financiera

Gran Financiera opened its doors to the Panamanian people in 1968, to become one of the first financing companies to provide products and services for improving the quality of life of less resourceful individuals.  At present, we are the financing company of preference of the greater part of the population, as we provide service and speedy responses to the different types of financial needs. We are most grateful for our client’s trust in us during these three decades.


In 1998, the “Instituto de Micro Finanzas” was established for the purpose of promoting and developing the entrepreneurial attitude among Panamanians.

During these years, the Institute has trained over 6,000 persons, with the resulting significant change in the lives of each of them. The training program of the Instituto de Micro Finanzas, has managed to combine the areas of production, service culture and promotion of vocational attitudes.

A significant growth and opportunities for developing the quality of life of Panamanians have been the result of the program.  We are actively involved in the International Action for Integral Training of Entrepreneurs of Micro Enterprises in Latin America Program and, therefore, it is the entity conducting the greater number of courses in the 14 participating countries.

With such modern educational means and techniques as videos, simulation cases, organizational games, field observation, study groups and exchange of experiences among participants and businesses, the results achieved by the Instituto de Micro Finanzas exceed all expectations. At present, our participants are more competitive and with greater probabilities of success in the underground sector of the economy.

Our commitment is to maintain a training infrastructure that may facilitate the entrepreneurial development of our clients, by creating entrepreneurs with a vision of the future, capable of developing and directing their own businesses.

Multicapital Company,Inc., The company has been created in accordance with the laws of the island of Nevis – Charlestown and it started operations in August 1996. Its main activity is to provide services of advice on the outside.


MultiFacilities Holding Corporation: Multi Facilities Holding Corporation: is a society that is engaged in the buying and selling of loan portfolio and is constituted in the British Virgin Islands.