Credit Cards Security

Security measures for your debit and credit cards

Dear client,

We use our Debit and Credit Cards on a daily basis, as these tools provide us with payment flexibility at the different stores. However, we should use them with care, in order to avoid any fraudulent action.

Use your cards safely by observing the following security tips:

  • Protect your pin and/or password! This is the key to avoid any type of fraud Do not share them with anyone.
  • Do not lose sight of your Debit or Credit Card when you pay, and do not allow passing it through more than one reader.
  • If you suspect that something is wrong when paying with your Debit Card, we suggest that you use a wrong pin - if the purchase is accepted, then the POS is cloning your card. Immediately report this to the police and your bank.
  • Do not forget the card at ATMs or the store.
  • Check your bank account balances on a regular basis.
  • Have the phone number indicated by your bank to block the card at hand. For Multibank, this number is 340-9700.
  • Do not provide your Debit or Credit card number, expiry date or any other information appearing on the card to anyone through telephone, e-mail or suspicious Internet sites.
  • Do not lend your Debit and/or Credit Card to third parties.
  • Do not allow cashiers or sales persons note down your address or phone number on the voucher or the full number of your Debit and/or Credit Card.
  • When using your card, always remember your PIN number and do not share this number with anyone or note it down anywhere.

Knowledge and prevention is our best shield. Protect yourself from fraud!