Business Checking Account

It is an opportunity to do good business. It is aimed at small and micro entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to have excellent benefits.


  • Opening amount: $500.00
  • Ease of hiring sales point
  • Availability of funds
  • Multi Business Form
  • Branch Network
  • Monthly Statement
  • Checkbook (50 checks without copy) FREE of charge
  • Transfer of funds
  • Utility payments through ACH service
  • 24 hours

Requirements for Local/Foreign Natural Person

  • Existing identity card, passport for foreign customers.
  • For foreign customer passport in original and second identification. (Country of origin certificate, driver's license, immigration card).
  • Evidence of income / funds supporting: letter or proof of work, statement of income, proof of income, balance sheets, financial statements, contracts and any other legal or contractual document.
  • For foreign customers submit a (1) bank reference letter.

Requirements for Local/Foreign Legal Person

  • Social Pact
  • Certificate of the Public Registry
  • Notice of Operations / Commercial License
  • Original ID card or passport and second identification of the following persons:
    • Borad of Directors (President, Secretary)
    • Shareholders
    • Persons authorized as signers in the acount

    Note: In the scenario that one of the people mentioned aboved is non-resident foreigner, he must present second identification (Country of origin certificate, driver´s license, immigration card).

  • Reference letters:
    • One (1) bank reference letter of the company (if it has more than (1) one year of operation), in case of not having a bank reference letter from from the shareholder (s), the final owner of the account.
    • One (1) bank reference letter of the signatories and / or shareholders if the are foreign.
  • Evidence of income: Income Statement, Receipts of Income, Balance Sheets, Financial Statements, Contracts, others.
  • Present on letterhead of the company information about the company, profile of operations of the account, any other relevant information.
  • Minutes of the Extraordinay Meeting of the Shareholder´s of the Company
  • Affidavit of Final Beneficiary