Mortgage Loans

Credit is granted to a person for satisfying his needs and expectations. If he/she wishes a pre-approval, the application may be completed on line.


  • 100% financing of new homes and 80% for used homes
  • Different payment alternatives and convenient terms
  • Immediate response
  • Highly trained staff

Necessary Documents for New Homes

Wage Earners

  • Copy of the personal identity card of the applicants
  • Work certificate
  • Copy of the last Social Security stub, for government employees the salary
  • check stub is applicable
  • Copy of the last two payment stubs or payment vouchers
  • Copy of Purchase Contract or Pro-forma
  • Loan application duly signed
  • Credit references from PCA

Independent Workers

  • Copy of personal identity card of the applicants
  • Copy of the Income Tax Return of the past two years, or Financial Statements, if appropriate
  • Credit References from PCA
  • Letters of Banking References
  • Letters of Commercial References
  • Purchase Contract or Pro-forma
  • Loan application duly signed
  • If the client leases, copy of the payment receipts

Retired Foreigner

  • 2 Bank Reference letters
  • Proof of income
  • Income Tax (2 last ones)

Foreign Independent

  • Copy of valid passport (legible and complete)
  • Second Identification
  • 2 letters of Banking References and 2 Commercial References from country of origin
  • 2 Personal References from persons who know the client in Panama, with their directions and telephone numbers
  • 2 Income Tax Returns from the country of origin (Personal or Business)
  • 2 last Financial Statements if appropriate
  • Minimum required income is in keeping with the value of the property
  • Loan application duly signed
  • Purchase Contract or Pro-forma