Mortgage Loans

Mortgage credit is given to a person in order to meet their basic housing needs; for a pre-approval simply send your information by filling out our online application.


  • 100% financing for new housing and 80% for existing homes
  • Different payment alternatives and convenient terms
  • Immediate response
  • Highly trained staff

Client's required documentation:

  • Copies of personal identity card or passport for foreigners.
  • Copy of a second identification card (driver's license, insurance card or work ID).

Wage Earners

  • Original attestation of employment or work certificate by the comptroller (for public employees). Copy of last file of the Social Security Administration and copy of last payment receipt.


  • Copies of the last 2 tax returns with their corresponding payment receipts. For foreign customers they also must submit 2 letters of banking, commercial and personal references.
  • Corporate and Audited Financial Statements (last 2 years).

Documentation required for the asset to be mortgaged:

  • Proforma or property purchase/sale agreement.
  • Updated valuation of the property (second home).
  • Copy of the public deed.

Company's required documentation: