Multikids is an opportunity to stimulate savings in our children. With its mind in the professionals of the future, Multibank promotes Multikids savings account, which aims to develop the habit of saving among young kids from an early age and show them the best way to save starting very young.


  • Opening amount: $25.00
  • Excellent interest rate
  • Requirements:

    National minor:
  • Original birth certificate or youth card ("cédula juvenil")
  • ID card and second identification of guardian

  • Foreign minor:
  • Original birth certificate
  • Passport

  • Foreign guardian:
  • Original passport
  • Second identification (ID card from the country of origin, driver's license or social security card).
  • Evidence of income: employment verification letter or certificate, tax return, payment slips, other.

  • Reference letters:
    One (1) bank or business reference letter.