Multiplan Account

Savings account specially programmed to plan your savings in the short, medium and long term with the attraction of a great rate of interest according to the term of saving. That Quinceañera trip, the summer vacations, the trip to Disney with your childrens, college education, etc.


  • Deposit account: bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Deposit fee: from $25.00 up to $750.00
  • Maximum of two (2) accounts by customer
  • Terms and rates options:
    • Within 1 year – 3%
    • Within 3 year – 4%
    • Within 5 year – 5%

Requirements for Local/Foreign Natural Person

  • For locals present identity card.
  • For Foreign person present original passport and second identification (Certificate of the country of origin, Driver´s License, Immigration card).
  • Present a commercial or bank reference for independet person.
  • Foreigners present one(1) bank reference letter of their country of origin or commercial reference.
  • Evidence of income / support of funds: letter or proof of work, income statement, balance sheets, financial statements, contracts, any other legal or contractual document. (Applies for both local person and foreigner the last of your country of origin from where your funds come from).