Online Banking

Learn more about our Online Banking:

In our permanent efforts to benefit our clients, we have created the Online Banking service that you need, "Multibank Online Banking". As our client, you can join the service in any of our branches, and make use of the following benefits:



  • Between your own accounts or third-party accounts within Multibank.
  • Other local banks (ACH)
  • International banks




  • Management checks and wires to U.S.
  • Checkbooks
  • Letters of Credit
  • Credit cards and PIN

All these benefits within a secure, easy environment and in the strictest secrecy, available 24/7.

Apply for it at any of our branches or calling our Customer Service Center at 800-3500 and take all the benefits offered by "Multibank Online Banking".


  • Natural Person
    • Contract
    • Accounts and Roles Form
    • Copy of Identification
  • Legal Person
    • Contract
    • Act
    • Accounts and Roles Form
    • Copy of identification
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