Online Banking

Find out more about our Online Banking:

Always thinking of benefiting our clients, we have created the “Multibank Online Banking” service via Internet which you need. You only have to be our client to affiliate in any of our branch offices and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Inquiry regarding balances and movements in your savings and current accounts.
  • Detailed inquiry regarding the current status of your personal, corporate, mortgage, automobile, secured and Micro and Small Enterprise loans
  • Detailed inquiry regarding your Time Deposits
  • Transfers between your deposit accounts.
  • Loan Payments.
  • Payments to local banks
  • Payments of public utilities (Water, Light and telephone)
  • Payments on your Multibank VISA and MasterCard cards
  • Local transfers through the ACH network.
  • International Transfers
  • Applications for cashier’s checks and drafts on USA
  • Applications for checkbooks
  • Applications for Letters of credit
  • Applications for credit and debit cards

All these benefits in a safe, easy environment, with the strictest confidentiality, at no cost and available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Come immediately to any of our branch offices and take advantage of the benefits offered by “Multibank Online Banking”.

Affiliation Documents:

  • Individual
    • Contract
    • Accounts and Roles Form
    • Copy of Identification
  • Corporation
    • Contract
    • Minutes
    • Accounts and Roles Form
    • Copy of resolution

Application for New Password:

Please print, sign and submit the attched document, at any of our branch offices, where we will be glad to provide you a new access password to Multibank’s Online Banking.