Multibank Prepaid Visa

The Multibank Prepaid Visa is a flexible card with which you may make purchases, consult balances, payments on line, etc. It is a business solution for companies that have Electronic payroll. As a Visa product, it has all its benefits.

Main Characteristics

  • It enjoys acceptance of the Visa trademark.
  • No PIN is required to make purchases.
  • You may deposit the amount you wish.
  • May be used for the payment of payrolls.
  • Does not require a related account.
  • Purchases may be made via Internet.
  • Access to 730,000 automatic tellers throughout the world.
  • It is not necessary to apply for a line of credit.

Requisites of Clients of Visa Prepaid Cards

  • Fill out the application and Contract
  • Copy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport (if a minor, the responsible parent must send a copy of the identity document.)
  • Send copy of Water, Electricity or Telephone receipt.

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