Fix Term Deposits

A Fix Term Deposit is a tool to increase your capital in the short, medium and long term. It is an investment alternative that allows you to earn more for your money with the security of a solid bank.


  • Opening amount: $10,000.00
  • Opening amount for Foreign Persons: $5,000.00
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Different terms
  • We guarantee confidentiality in managing your funds
  • Possibility of guaranteeing loans with a differential appeal

Requirements for Local/Foreign Natural Person

  • Produce original ID card or passport.
  • Second identification (ID card from the country of origin, driver's license or social security card).
  • Reference letters for foreign persons:
    • One (1) bank or business reference letter.
  • Freelancers must produce business or bank reference.
  • Evidence of income: employment verification letter or certificate, tax return, payment slips, balance sheets, financial statements, agreements, other.
  • Requirements for Local/Foreign Legal Person

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of the Public Registry
  • Notice of operations/ Commercial license
  • Original ID card or passport and second identification of the following persons:
  • Officers of the company
  • Board of Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Account authorized signatories
  • Reference letters:
    • Two (2) bank and/or business reference letter of each of the authorized signatories of the company (if it has more than one (1) year of operation) and the latest shareholders, beneficiary owner of the account.
    • Two (2) business reference letters from clients or suppliers of the company, if it does not have one (1) year of operation.
  • Evidence of income: tax return, payment slips, balance sheets, financial statements, agreements, other.
  • On the company's lettter headed paper: information of the company, account transaction profile, any other information of interest.
  • Requirements for Private Interest Foundations

  • Foundation charter
  • Special powers of attorney
  • Statement/certificate with evidence of the actual founder, beneficiary, protector
  • Affidavit for private interest foundations.