Corporate Time Deposit

With a Time Deposit you will have an immediate tool for increasing your capital. This alternative is intended for individual as well as commercial clients; whether national or foreigners.


  • Competitive rate of interest in the current market
  • Different Terms
  • We guarantee confidentiality in the management of your funds
  • Possibility for guaranteeing loans with an attractive differential


  • Minimum Opening Amount:
    • $10,000.00 Panamanian Corporation
    • $5,000.00 Foreign Corporation
  • General Resolution or Minutes of the Stockholder´s Meeting signed by the President and Secretary
  • Articles of incorporation of the Corporation and all its amendments
  • Copy of the personal identity card of all signers and the Officers of the Corporation
  • If there is a General Power of Attorney, it must be registered at the Public Registry
  • Certification issued by the Registrar of the country of the origin of the corporation
  • Two bank or commercial references of the signers of the accounts (local and foreign)