Multi Securities

Multi Securities, Inc., a subsidiary of Multibank, Inc., has been authorized by the Securities Market Superintendent to operate in Panama as a Securities and Investment Manager for more than a decade.

We are a great complement to the services offered by our financial group, with investment products and services for any type of investor; The individual; The institutional; The corporate and the financial professional.

Our attention is continuous and we are always at your disposal to advise you when building appropriate investment portfolios to achieve your financial goal.

Brokerage House License – Resolution 91 of 2004
Investment Management License – Resolution 76 of 2010
Panama Stock Exchange Post No. 03
Program Participant Market Makers (MEF)
Correspondent Accounts Euroclear, Latinclear, Saxo Bank.
External Auditors KPMG

  • Investment Account
  • Trading of securities in any market (OTC o stock).
  • Obtain financing to buy securities.
  • Custody of securities and cash
  • Benefits:
  • Personalized advice on the design of your portfolio according to your level of risk.
  • The best prices and liquidity for the large number of correspondents around the world.
  • Multicurrency account.
  • Confirmation of operations on pact date.
  • Online account statements and monthly email.
  • Direct contact with your Investment Adviser.
  • Support of Multibank, Inc. Group.

  • Online platform for trading securities.
  • Obtain financing to buy securities.
  • Custody of securities and cash.
  • Stock, fixed income, futures, CFDs, ETFs, ETCs, and options.
  • Benefits:
  • Real time pricing.
  • Continuous updating of your account statement.
  • State-of-the-art platform.
  • Instant and secure implementation.
  • Leverage of futures and CFDs.
  • Market reports, news, analysis, and strategy integrated platform.
  • Forums and opinions of the most successful traders.
  • Economic calendar, stop orders, interactive mobile modules, tools searcher.

  • Multiprosperity Fixed Income Fund
  • This closed-end investment fund aims to offer current yields higher than those obtained in fixed-term deposits over the course of a medium – to long - term investment period by structuring and managing a diversified portfolio of rental instruments Fixed local and international.

  • Benefits:
  • Fixed income fund managed by Multi Securities
  • Professional management
  • Diversification
  • Tax benefits
  • Transparency

  • Structuring of Issuance
  • Advisory service for the structuring and placement of public and private issues in the local market.
  • Service of Payment, Registrar and Transfer Agent.
  • Placement Agents.
  • Trading post.
  • Benefits:
  • Large number of customers that streamline the distribution of the issue.
  • Access to the Corporate Finance area of the group.
  • Recommendation of debt structure.
  • Preparation of information that the issuer must submit to investors, Panama Stock Exchange and the Superintendency of Securities.
  • Initial information management with risk rating.
  • Fiduciary Agent Service.

Contact us at: (507) 294-3500

Entity regulated and supervised by the Superintendency of Securities to operate as Brokerage and Investment House.

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