Multiprosperity Fixed Income Fund

Investment Fund:

It is an investment instrument, belonging to numerous investors used for the collective purchase of securities, while each investor retains ownership and control of its own shares. The Investment Fund provides a broader selection of investment opportunities, lower investment shares that investors can obtain on their own, and greater management experience in order to protect capital and obtain attractive returns.

Multiprosperity Fixed Income Fund:

It is a Closed Investment Fund whose objective is to offer yields higher than those obtained in fixed-term deposits, through the structuring of a diversified portfolio of local and international fixed-income instruments.

With only $ 50,000 you can be a shareholder of this Fund that invests its assets through professional experts, in order to achieve Profitability, Diversification and Security, reserved for large investments.

Multi Securities, a subsidiary of Multibank, Inc., is the entity authorized by the Superintendency of the Securities Market to administer it.

In the Prospectus Information, of public character, can be found all the characteristics established in the Investment Fund.


  • Payment of Dividends: 5% per year, on a monthly basis.

  • Professional Management: Delegates make decisions in experts dedicated to study and analyze daily local and international markets, and make the right investment decisions to achieve the best possible yields.

  • Diversification: Your investment represents a participation quota of a diversified portfolio, minimizing the risk that you would assume by investing in a single instrument.

  • Tax benefits: Income from capital gains on your shares, as well as dividend income paid by them, are exempt from income tax.

  • Simplicity: Unlike other alternatives, your investment has no expiration date. When your investment is more than 1 year you can trade your shares in the secondary market by the Stock Exchange.

  • Transparency: You receive monthly with your statement, a report of the performance of the Fund and the distribution of your investments.

Multiprosperity Fixe Income Fund is regulated by the Superintendency of the Securities Market.


In order to participate in Multiprosperity Fixed Income Fund benefits, you must only open an Investment Account with Multi Securities and with the advice of your Securities Broker, agree the best amount to invest according to your investment profile.

For more information you only need to contact a Stockbroker at Multisecurites:

Phone: (507) 294-3500
Office: Vía España, Edif. Prosperidad, No. 127, Panamá.

Multiprosperity Fixed Income Fund is Authorized by the Stock Market Superintendence, by resolution SMV-358-12 from October 25, 2012 to operate Closed Investment Corporation.